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And so, I asked myself: in what country was there a place for 
men like me - men who refused to say 'yes' to the parasites
and the doubters, men who believed that work was sacred and property rights inviolate. And then one day, the happy answer came
to me, my friends:

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AfterShock: The Info Illustration Gallery - Created by Nick Caldwell

Artist Nick Caldwell has been working on a possible look into the future of the BioShock series…in outer space! Check out his gallery here for the whole series of brilliantly designed posters that provide information on the concepts of the game. You can also find more of Nick’s work on his website and Twitter.


ALRIGHT I’ve got these two assholes available as prints in my society6 shop now. YEAH

Also note that Robert has been redrawn (for print size), and thus is slightly different from the first version I posted.

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Love is just a chemical, no matter the origin. We give it meaning by choice.

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Bioshock Infinite - The Lighthouse

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BioShock Infinite - Elizabeth
by sweeetrazzbery


BioShock Infinite - Elizabeth

by sweeetrazzbery

BioShock Scenery[1/??]

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